Boys and Girls Travel Series (1910-1911)

This six book multi-authored series was published starting in 1910 by Dana Estes and Company. Each book has numerous illustrations which were not drawn for the specific book but rather are house photos. The 8" x 6.5" volumes have book appropriate appliqués on the cover. The same title may be seen with different paste-ons. Amy M. Sacker designed the cover. Her initials are within the design at the base of the cover.

The earlier Butterworth books have the Traveller Tales title pages. Subsequently the title pages have the new series name- Boys and Girls Travel Series noted at the top of the title page.

1. Travel Tales of South Africa Hezekiah Butterworth 1910
2. Travel Tales of China Hezekiah Butterworth 1910
3. Travel Tales of Central America Hezekiah Butterworth 1910
4. Travel Tales of the Hawaiian Islands Waldo Browne 1910
5. Travel Tales of the Philippine Islands Waldo Browne 1910
6. Travel Tales of the West Indies Frederick Ober 1911

These titles are all reprints of previously published books.

The first three books which were written by Hezekiah Butterworth were reprinted from his earlier Traveler Tales Series.
The original titles were:
Traveler Tales of South Africa 1900
Traveller Tales of China 1901
Traveller Tales of the Pan American Countries 1902

Waldo Browne's Hawaiian Islands book (#4) was first published By Dana Estes and Company as Two American Boys in Hawaii (Copyright 1899).

The Travel Tales of the Philippines has the subtitle "Pearl of the Orient". Browne wrote The Pearl of the Orient which was copyrighted in 1900 by Dana Estes and Co. Its subject matter is the same but the content does differ from the book in this series.

Book number 6 by Frederick Ober first appeared in the Knockabout Club Series as "The Knockabout Club in the Antilles". It was copyrighted in 1888. It was also published as "A Boy's Adventures in the West Indies" which was published in the late 1890's by H. M. Caldwell.






Note the different appliqué picture on this title. It appears that both pictures are part of a larger picture.