Children of America Stories

This six title series was published by only one firm - Grosset and Dunlap. The series can be considered a companion to the Children of All Lands Series. Each of the six books chronicle travels through five different states. Geography and history are discussed and numerous photographs highlight the adventures. The main character is different in each book.

The first four books were written by Madeline Brandeis (1897-1937), the author of a majority of the Children of All Lands Story books. After her death in 1937 (from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident) , other authors were enlisted to write the last volumes in each series. Brandeis took the photographs that appeared in her books.

These volumes were published in two formats. The dust jackets match the covers and have line drawn color illustrations which are book appropriate and picture the title character. The endpapers have maps of the five state region that the book explores.

The two formats differ only in the size of the book. The first editions of volumes #1-5 are 8.75" x 7". The later editions of books #1-5 and the first edition of book #6 are 8.75" x 5.75".

All of the books were published in both formats except for #6 Two Boys of the Ohio Valley which was only printed in Format 2.

The smaller format was started sometime between 1941 and 1943.

The Children of Americas Stories
1. (Little)Carmen of the Golden Coast 1933 Madeline Brandeis
2. Little Rose of the Mesa 1935 Madeline Brandeis
3. Little John of New England 1936 Madeline Brandeis (First edition lists to Little Tom of England)
4. Little Farmer of the Middle West 1937 Madeline Brandeis
5. Little Woodsman of the North 1940 Bernadine Bailey
6. Two Boys of the Ohio Valley 1943 Margaret Sutton

The pre-1941 books can be dated by looking at the book list on the back of the dust jacket and/or the back flap of the jacket. The last title listed will indicate the earliest possible publication date. In some instances the only titles listed on the rear of the jacket are from the Children of All Lands Series. To help with dating , these titles and their copyright dates are at the bottom of this page.

Without a dust jacket it is hard to date these books. The book dimensions as noted above are a general help. Also in 1943 a wartime disclaimer is noted on the title page.


Second Format


Children of All Lands Stories
1. The Little Indian Weaver 1928 Madelline Brandeis
2. The Wee Scotch Piper 1929 Madelline Brandeis
3. The Little Swiss Wood-Carver 1929 Madelline Brandeis
4. The Little Dutch Tulip Girl 1929 Madelline Brandeis
5. Little Jeanne of France 1929 Madelline Brandeis
6. Shaun O'Day of Ireland 1929 Madelline Brandeis
7. Little Philippe of Belgium 1930 Madelline Brandeis
8. The Little Mexican Donkey Boy 1931 Madelline Brandeis
9. Little Anne of Canada 1931 Madelline Brandeis
10. Mitz and Fritz of Germany 1933 Madelline Brandeis
11. Little Tony of Italy 1934 Madelline Brandeis
12. Little Tom of England 1935 Madelline Brandeis
13. Little Spanish Dancer 1936 Madelline Brandeis
14. Little Erik of Sweden 1938 Madelline Brandeis
15. Little Greta of Denmark 1939 Bernadine Bailey
16. Little Lauri of Finland 1940 Bernadine Bailey
17. Little Pepito of Central America 1941 Gladys Shaw Erskine
18. A Shepherd Boy of Australia 1941 Margaret Sutton