Fonthill Recreations by M. G. Sleeper (Martha Grace)

This three book series chronicles geographical and historical tales told by Paul Heywood (and others) to his nephews, Claude and Gerald Lynwood and his niece. The niece (Miss Kate Clifton) is a sixteen year old who writes about the these conversations. The books also describe local adventures in and about Fonthill, where Uncle Paul lives.

Gould and Lincoln, a Boston firm, published these volumes along with the co-publishers Sheldon and Company (New York) and Geo. S. Blanchard and Co. (Cincinnati). In the preface of these books Sleeper notes a number of other planned titles beyond the first three. Unfortunately, none of these anticipated books were ever published.

The volumes were $1.25 each. 7" x 4.5".

1. Mediterranean Islands: Sketches and Stories 1865/ title page 1866
2. The Two Sicilies: Sketches and Stories of Their Scenery, Customs, History, Painters., Etc. 1866
3. Sweden and Norway: Sketches and Stories of Their Scenery, Customs, History, Legends 1867/1867

There is evidence that N. Tibbals and Sons, a New York Publisher reprinted these this three volume series in about 1877. These reprints have not been seen.