Ned Harwood Series by Susan G. Knight

The two Ned Harwood books were written by Mrs. Susan S. Knight. Interestingly each book was published by a different publisher and the books are printed five years apart.

Ned Harwood's Delight was published by the Boston firm: Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society in 1883. In this volume Ned's Grandma teaches the Harwood children about Biblical geography. There are four plates in this 224 page volume.

The second book was published in 1888 by D. Lothrop Company in two different formats. The larger (8.5 x 6.75) illuminated board covered book has the same text and illustrations as the smaller (7.5 x 5.25) cloth bound book (called the "Library Edition". The latter book has been seen in several colors. The numerous illustrations are stock photos and not specific to the text of the book. Both books were priced at $1.25 and are 268 pages.

Ned told his story in first person as he, his father, and some of his siblings- Susy. Madeline and Charlie explored the sights of Jerusalem.