Our Young Folks by James D. McCabe

James D. McCabe (1842-1883) wrote both titles in this series. McCabe was born in Richmond, Virginia, educated at the Virginia Military Academy and was involved with the Confederate War Department. He spent some time teaching in Mississippi. During his short life he wrote more than thirty books some with the pseudonym of Edward Winslow Martin.

J. B. Lippincott and Co. published the two books and they were combined into a third larger book edition in 1886.

Dewolfe, Fiske and Company reprinted the two volumes with slightly changed names.

In "Abroad" an American couple take their son, daughter, nephew and niece on a tour of Europe. The book is basically a historical/ modern look at the great tourist sites of Europe. There are no moralistic values being taught.

In "Africa" a college professor tours Europe with four "Young Americans". Except for the location the subject material is similar to the "Abroad" book.

Our Young Folks Abroad 1881
Our Young Folks in Africa 1882
Our Young Folks' Encyclopedia 1886

The first three books were published by J. B. Lippincott and Company. There are two formats: A cloth book with gilt decorations and a chromolithographed Illuminated board covers version. Both formats are 9 x 6.75. There are numerous line drawn black and white illustrations taken from various sources and illustrated by numerous artists.


This is the 1886 combination book. It includes each of the two books of this series in their entirety.

Through African Wilds
Round About Europe

These two books were published by Dewolfe, Fiske and Company. The only format had chromolithographed board covers. The covers are different from the Lippincott books.