Patty Gray Series by Caroline Dall

This three book series was first published in 1869 and reprinted in 1876. Lee and Shepard is the only publisher of these books. Early advertisements note that the series was to be completed in six volumes. Only three titles were ever written however.

The books take Patty from Boston to Mount Vernon. Apparently the initial plan was for Patty to get to the Cotton Islands. This never happened.

Patty Gray's Journey to the Cotton Islands
1. From Boston to Baltimore Copyright 1869 Released in the summer of 1869. First edition has 1869 on the title page.
2. From Baltimore to Washington Copyright 1869
3. On the Way; Or, Patty at Mount Vernon 1869

Lee and Shepard reprinted the set in 1876. $1.25 each

Format: Cloth. Green and Maroon seen. Gold gilt picture of Patty on the front cover. Gold gilt lettering on the spine.