Traveler Tales Series by Hezekiah Butterworth
(Also called Educational Travel Series)

Hezekiah Butterworth wrote the three books in this series. They were published by Dana Estes and Company. The stories are geographical in nature with different characters in each book. There are numerous illustrations which were not drawn in particular for these books but appear to be stock photos.

The books cost $1.50. and are 8" x 6.50".

The covers were drawn by Amy M. Sacker. Her initials appear on the bottom of the front cover.

The Books:

Traveler Tales of South Africa 1900
Traveller Tales of China 1901
Traveller Tales of the Pan American Countries 1902

Volume 1

Volume 2


Volume 3

These titles were reprinted as part of the six title Boys and Girls Travel series published by Dana Estes and Co. beginning in 1910.

Below is an advertisement for the series from a Dana Estes and company catalogue in 1902.